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Bring Balance to your Life with
Brainwave Optimization™

Brainwave Optimization™ with RTB™ (Real-Time Balancing) is an effective, holistic, and non-invasive method of reaching the highest possible level of emotional, physical, and spiritual harmony. Brain State Technologies, the developers of Brainwave Optimization™ (Brainwave Optimization™), explains that Brainwave Optimization™ works primarily with the subconscious and unconscious mind and uses internal brainwave patterns and client input to create overall optimization.

This revolutionary technique is distinguished by its individually-tailored approach to the process of balancing and harmonizing the brain. Brainwave Optimization™ takes the approach that each person’s brain is as unique as their fingerprints. Individual genetics interact with life experiences to create a distinct set of neuro nets—patterns of interacting neural connections. Trauma, injury, and difficult experiences can cause imbalances which manifest as symptoms and limitations, preventing the individual from reaching his or her own potential.

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